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Join Zonta International If…

  • You want to serve your community
  • You want to be an advocate for women and girls
  • You want to expand your knowledge of gender equality issues locally and globally
  • You want to network with people who share your interest in making a difference

Membership Benefits

Be part of a vibrant community of like-minded people supporting women and girls in your local area and around the world through service and advocacy.
Be a part of the amazing things Zonta does to help make a difference in the lives of women and girls world-wide
Join with members who are passionate about empowering the status of women in the local community

Membership Requirements

Each member is urged to participate in Club activities to learn more about the club, to voice opinions, and become better acquainted with the other members.
Commit time to service and advocacy projects in their communities.
Members are urged to attend Club meetings to participate in operational decisions, the planning of fundraisers, assisting in service projects and sharing in the fellowship of the club.
Contribute financially to local and international projects that support women.

Membership Process

We invite you to attend and participate in our meetings, fund raisers, and special activities. This will allow you to get to know our dynamic members and assess your interest and eligibility in Zonta. The better you get to know us (and we get to know you) the better you can assess if Zonta is a best fit for you.
You are invited to join Zonta International and the Zonta Club of Morristown Area. You complete our simple application form and submit for review. If desired, we can provide information regarding Zonta Clubs in other geographical regions.
The Membership Committee receives and reviews your application. You will then receive a welcome letter and information regarding your dues payment. The Zonta operating year commences on June 1. Dues may be prorated based on the time of year. Dues for members under the age of 30 are assessed at a reduced fee.
We are pleased to welcome you as a member of Zonta International and the Zonta Club of Morristown Area. Every member’s contribution is needed to support and grow the Zonta Club of the Morristown Area, and promote its service and advocacy activities. Please consider how you can and will contribute to the success of the Zonta Club that you join.

Membership Responsibilities

As a member you are expected to:

  • Regularly attend club meetings and club activity events
  • Serve in leadership roles
  • Contribute your time, talent and enthusiasm to the organization
  • Identify and recommend prospective new members
  • Pay all dues, fees or assessments promptly
  • As your time and resources allow, attend area, district and international meetings, workshops, conferences and conventions

Ready to start?

Contact the Zonta Club of Morristown for information, to talk to a representative or obtain a membership application for the Zonta Club of Morristown Area.

Contact us for consideration to become the next new member of Zonta International and the Zonta Club of Morristown Area.

We can’t wait to meet you and start doing great things together!

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